Scenario Magazine | Why So Serious?

Ekaterina Juskowski

Ekaterina Juskowski. Self-portrait, 2014

May, 2016 Issue of Scenario Magazine titled “Why So Serious?” cover feature of “Russian Dolls” series.

SCENARIO is the award-winning magazine on trends, ideas, visions, and possible futures. It was established in 2010 and is developed by futurists from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies in regular collaboration with the brightest minds, notorious leaders, and prolific influences from around the world.

“Russian Dolls” is a set of twenty archival prints each hand-painted with watercolor markers. The collection is Ekaterina Juskowski’s grotesque answer to the ceaseless “Why so serious?” question addressed to women in various social settings whenever they choose to present themselves without a smile.”

The project was presented during Art Brussels 2014 in the group show Stalactica, curated by Anissa Touati. The entire set is now in private art collections.

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