Never Not Working Untitled Art Miami Beach 2018

Never Not Working Apron

Spring/Break, New York

March 6 – 12, 2018

4 Times Square, Midtown, Manhattan

The seventh edition of Spring/Break Art Show (SBAS), the innovative curators-driven annual exhibition took place during Armory Week in New York City on two floors of the former Condé Nast offices at 4 Times Square.  Ambre Kelly and Andrew Gori, the founders and directors of SBAS chose the title “Stranger Comes to Town” to focus on many of the pressing issues of our times, like migration and the xenophobia it can produce, as well as homophobia, racism, sexism, and assimilation.
Never not working Apron
Artist and curator Ekaterina Juskowski designed the limited-edition Never Not Working Apron for the team of the SPAS to raise awareness about the trafficking of individuals brought to the United States and treated as modern-day slaves. The project supported initiatives of NDWA.
Founded in 2007, the National Domestic Workers Alliance is an advocacy organization promoting the rights of domestic workers in the United States. Made up of 4 local chapters and 63 affiliate organizations around the country, along with thousands of individual members, their work advocates for low-income laborers in the context of broader social justice issues, including immigration reform, domestic violence. The NDWA advocates for a Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights, including overtime pay, one day off per week, and protection under state human rights laws. A version of this bill of rights was passed in New York in 2010 thanks to the NDWA’s advocacy, and similar legislation has recently been introduced in California. Alicia Garza, who co-founded the Black Lives Matter network, is the Director of Strategy and Partnerships at the National Domestic Workers Alliance.
ImageImageNever not working Apron
The project was produced by the Miami Girls Foundation in partnership with the Miami Worker's Center and Advocacy Partners.
ImageAmbre Kelly and Andrew Gori