Old Carpet Factory by Sarah Rainer

The Warp of Time

June 16 - September 6, 2024
Old Carpet Factory, Hydra
Curator - Ekaterina Juskowski
Photos - Sarah Rainer
The Warp of Time (2024) site-specific art exhibition at the Old Carpet Factory historical mansion on the island of Hydra. The mansion was transformed into a carpet-weaving factory of the Soutzoglou family in the early 20th century. This legacy inspires the title of the exhibition that offers a nuanced exploration of the relationship between place and memory. Unlike history, memory lacks linearity and includes the act of forgetting; by mixing history and memory, the exhibition invites the viewer to navigate through the past remembered, forgotten and imagined, presenting a warped historiography of the place.
The exhibition presents antique pieces from the Soutzoglou collection woven in the house a century ago next to the carpet commissioned specifically for the occasion. 
Art Rug Projects by Soutzoglou invites artist Helen Marden to experiment for the first time with the carpet medium. Her intuitive watercolors inspired by the memories of Hydra Island are translated into the hand-made carpets by Soutzoglou expert artisans. 
Adding to the exhibition are works of Dimitrios Antonitsis that blur the boundaries between art and tapestry. Described by the artist as “loom-abacuses,” these intricate pieces defy categorization, oscillating between drawings, sculptures, and temporal artifacts. Their presence within the exhibition further enriches the dialogue on the intersection of art, memory, and heritage.

Curatorial advisors - Dimitrios Antonitsis, Electra Soutzoglou
Co-Produced by Old Carpet Factory, Soutzoglou Carpets and  Mnemosyne Projects